Made By A Toddler – Flag Canvas

Memorial Day is this coming weekend. I’m ready for sales, BBQ’s & good company. And with every holiday that passes, I like to do crafts centered around it with lil man. By just looking at the title of this post, you can guess, this flag canvas was created by my son. What can I say? My toddler is crafty like his mama!

And I’m not saying this craft can only be done by a toddler. Honestly, everyone can do it! Saying a toddler can, just proves ANYONE can craft this up. No excuses, are you ready to learn how?

The supplies are simple. All you need is a plain white canvas, paint {red, white & blue} painter’s tape and paint brushes.

Not to mention you will need a cute kid to help complete the project.

{Be sure to have baby wipes near by for easy paint cleanup, as well as changing into “play clothes” in case paint gets everywhere.}

First you will want to tape out your flag design. If you want your lines to all be the same, grab a ruler & make marks with a pencil.

You will want to put your red paint down first. So be sure to tape out the section that will be blue.

Squirt some paint on a plate and hand it over to your child. {Can you tell my toddler was excited?} Tell them to cover the entire canvas with red paint. They can use their hands, paint brushes, sponges…etc. They will love the challenge!

After they cover the entire canvas, let dry completely before doing anything.

Once it’s dry, have your child help you peel off the painter’s tape.

Now you will want to tape off the section where the blue paint will go.

Very carefully, paint that section blue. {I did this part to make sure no blue paint got anywhere else}

Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape. You will want to add the hand-print next.

Paint your child’s hand white & ask them to press it on the blue area. Paint some stars to really fill it in. {If you get a really big canvas, you could do the whole family’s hand-print or multiple children handprints}

Made By A Toddler - Flag Canvas

Let it dry completely and you are done!

Made By A Toddler - Flag Canvas

Display proudly. Canvas can be hung on the wall or put a ribbon the back & display on your door like a wreath. Don’t forget to add your child’s name/age on the back.

What fun Memorial Day crafts do you have planned this year? Remember this can be done for 4th of July too!

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