Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}

Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}

I’m in full swing of decorating our house for fall. I have good smelling candles burning and {shocker} the AC window unit put away too. We have had pouring rain for the past week and you might have seen the neighboring state, Colorado, on the news. It’s a bit scary considering we live about an hour away from all that flooding. Although we aren’t as affected as them, I’m still nervous because we are forecasted for more rain in the next few days. {Please say a prayer for those displaced families in Colorado}

I’ve been so excited and anticipating this the cool down for weeks. But now that it’s here, I’m kinda nervous on what all this rain means. Does that mean we are in for a horrible, long winter??? UGH. I seriously hope not. Especially since Joe is scheduled to come back soon and I don’t want ANYTHING messing with those plans. Dear Wyoming – fall weather. Did you hear me? FALL weather. Not natural disasters please.

Anyways – let’s get back to business. My easy Candy Corn Centerpiece.

This centerpiece cost me a little over 10 dollars {I had the trifle and mason jar on hand already} and only took me a few minutes to put together. You can make this with real or fake flowers and it’s perfect for a holiday gatherings or simple fall decorating. You could even pull this together as hostess gift, if you go to someone’s house/party. It’s so easy for anyone to pull off and I will show you how!

Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}
Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}
Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}

Supplies –
* Glass Trifle Bowl
* Mason Jar or Small Vase that will fit inside the Trifle Bowl
* Candy Corn – Depending on the size of your Trifle Bowl, you may need a lot. I used {two} 2.5 lb bags
* Flowers – Fake or Real

Now the directions are going to be REALLY simple and probably can be figured out by just looking at my pictures.

Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}
Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}
Easy Candy Corn Centerpiece {Craft}

Set your mason jar or small vase in the center of your trifle bowl. Start laying candy corn pieces around it – filling the entire space around the jar/inside the trifle, till it’s full.

Once your trifle is full and you have the look you want, add your flowers.

If you have real flowers, don’t forget the water!

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Just put it on display on your table and look at it in “awe.” Add a ribbon around the trifle bowl for added flair or add candles around it to make a really elaborate center piece. Whatever you do, don’t sneak too many pieces of candy corn ;) I say that from experience!

Enjoy your weekend and stay dry!

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