Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}

Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}
Happy Monday friends!!! School is already in full swing in many areas, but if your children are still at home this week and are begging you to do a craft with them – you are in for a real treat! Today I’m sharing another kid friendly activity that is SUPER simple to pull together. I call it the Tissue Paper Apple Kid Craft. It has a back-to-school theme, as well as a fall theme. And it’s just that – an apple made out of tissue paper, a paper plate and glue. For an added bonus – I colored our regular school glue and it smells amazing too!

Now let’s grab our supplies & get to the tutorial!

Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}
Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}


* Paper Plate
* Red {or green} Tissue Paper
* Glue
* Scissors
* Cardstock
* Brown/Green Paint
* Stapler

* To make the scented/colored glue – add a single powder pack of Kool-Aid to your glue and stir w/a kebab stick until well combined. Use like you normally would.

Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}
Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}
Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}
Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}


* First cut your tissue paper into small squares.
* Slather a good amount of glue all over the paper plate.
* Have your child place the tissue paper on top of the glue until the paper plate is completely covered. Set aside.
* For the stem/leaf of the apple – make your child’s hand print on cardstock. For this, I painted my son’s four fingers green and his thumb brown. Press down on the paper. Let the paint dry completely.
* Trim out the handprint and staple to your paper plate, to give the look of an apple.

Tissue Paper Apple {Kid Craft}

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updated 5/24/2015

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